The ownership of Aitiha lies with us. As part of business ethics, we might share some info with you, but you are not expected to misuse any of the said facilities/information shared with you, either partly, fully or symbolically.

You are not authorized to use our services to fulfill your interest for any purpose.

You are not entitled to use, reproduce, duplicate, sell, resell, exploit or access our services either partly or fully without any authorized letter in hard copy from us.

Your registration automatically confirms your acknowledgement of our Terms & Conditions, Do’s & Don’ts & Privacy Policy.

We reserve the rights to alter, postpone or cancel the tour at any point of time without prior notice.

We reserve the rights to refuse the tour service to anyone at any point of time without citing any reason.

Successful registration & advance payment of tour charges does not entitles you to enter into the tour.

Your use of our tour service is at your sole risk, provided on an “as is” & “as available” basis without any warranty or condition, express, implied or statutory, neither it warrants that the tour service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure nor error-free.

Charges per tour are changeable depending on tour plan & location, kilometres covered & facilities offered. Charges shall be displayed in event registration form & promo ads when an upcoming event is declared.

Charges for infants upto 5 years of age is NIL, children upto 15 years is 50% of tour charges & above 15 is full charge. Children upto 15 years of age required to be accompanied by any of their parents on paid basis. And since, the charges are discounted, parents needs to adjust their kids in the seats allotted to parents. In case of any vacant seat available after all the tourist have taken seats, kids can use those vacant seats, but need to vacate it if requested by organizers.

Note-Charges for foreign nationals shall be separate which will be informed on time to person(s) concerned. In case of any issues, management’s decision shall be final & binding.

There might be restrictions on entry for non-religious tourists either inside the shrine premises or inside the living room of the deity at certain locations. Please respect the religious sentiments & abide by the rules there. We will let you know on specific sites (if any) during the tour.

Our tours will be of limited seats only. Customers are required to book well in advance & pay tour charges in full to avail the facility.

Most of our tours are on single tour basis, hence you might miss the chance and might need to wait for the next turn for repeat tour to said site(s).

Registration & payment closes at least 48 hrs before the actual tour day. Mere registration doesn’t entitles you for automatic inclusion the final list.
You have to pay online in full through our portal’s event registration page. No partial payment or installment is allowed.

We assume no liability in contract or otherwise on account of loss of life, personal injuries or property damages to the tourists arising out of any event(s), happenings or occurrence during the tour. The visitor has agreed to participate on his/her own will & in perfect state of mind.

Our overall policies are subject to change from time to time without any prior notice.

All disputes are subject to Bhubaneswar jurisdiction only.

Do’s & Don’ts
Please carry your own ID card copy preferably Photo ID card copy issued by Govt like Aadhaar Card copy for Indian nationals & Passport copy for foreign nationals for your betterment.

Our tours are kids friendly, however its advisable for parents to carry the basic necessities for their kids & take care of their individual kids while on tour with us.

Our guides are highly professional & they pass on the message to you based on years of research & documentation, hence you are expected to interact professionally with the team. Don’t get too friendly or personal with them.

Please try to be at the starting point well before the reporting time, we shall move out within a few minutes. You can join the tour on route (pre-defined route only) with a timely call to us before we start.

Your advance payment to us does not entitles you for any refund or cancellation in this case.

Our tour vehicles are arranged from third party service providers & it’s likely that we may get average vehicle during peak tourism seasons, hence seeking your cooperation.

In some sites, photography (mobile, camera etc) may not be allowed or partially allowed inside the premises but not in the shrine, respect the rules & act accordingly. Keep your mobile in silent mode wherever needed

If you are not comfortable while on tour, you may stay back in the tour vehicle till the team returns back, but please don’t leave the place which may affect the coordination.

Any discriminatory act or remarks during the tour will make you disqualified from present & future tour by default & any advance payment can’t even help you in this case & the amount maybe forfeited.

Don’t bring your own vehicle for touring with us, rather move with us on our touring vehicle for better coordination & information sharing. Also, avoid bringing any vehicle to pickup point on self driving, since there’s no facility for parking which is purely at owner’s risk, rather use public transport or let someone drop you.

No attendant nor pet(s) is allowed to accompany you during the tour.

Dress comfortably as per climate and tradition of the city/area that we take you during our walk/tours. Remember we are going to visit certain religious places, villages & remote areas, hence dress sensibly.

Don’t litter around things in cabs or public places. Keep the trash with you till you get a dustbin or ask the organiser for a paper dustbin.

Move along the group led by the guide & don’t move away from it. If some urgency is there, do inform the guide timely & be back before we move out from that site.

Although we keep a pre-set date for tour, but our tours are governed by certain external elements which are beyond our control like acts of god, strike/curfew, minimum count of customers, vehicle’s availability with rental agency, peak season rates etc, hence, please bear with us.

Please don’t end up arguing with the locals or even with our staff in any matter(s) which may force us to expel you from the said tour or even future ones. which will be the last resort which we don’t intent to.

Kindly note that the safety & general welfare of our customers are priority for us. Hence, we may cancel a tour in the mid-way if any untoward incident happens knowingly or unknowingly which is beyond our control.

We take no responsibility in case of invalid or partial personal info provided to us since we don’t cross check its genuineness or correctness. We feel the info shared/updated by tourists are true & correct.

We may modify or may remove any contents/comments posted by customers/browsers or noticed in our social media pages or portal that is determined as derogatory, abusive against any religion, community or gender, obscene, unlawful or violates our intellectual properties act or our terms of service & render him/her invalid for our present/future tours.

Boarding the van in an intoxicated state may render you invalid from attending the tour. Smoking or consuming alcohol or any banned stuff during the tour is not allowed & no refund shall be entertained in such situation.

What We Provide & What We Don’t
500 ml water bottle (min 1 pc), one veg breakfast en-route (for both half/full day* tour), one veg meals en-route (for full day tour only), multi-lingual tour guide (Hindi, English & Odia) professional cameraman, transport facility (from pickup point to site & back).

We even have minimal first aid items for emergency. Still its advisable for you to carry your own medical kit to meet emergencies.

All our tours have limited seats facility on first come first service, but with full payment on time. Mere registration via portal does not gives you right to ride.

The food provided as breakfast or lunch or meals during the tour are at local shops of travel locations which can be a remote location with no or minimal facility. Hence, you are needed to adjust regarding the quality, hygiene and availability of items there. If you are not comfortable with it or if you have medical issues, you may carry your own veg foods.

We take utmost care to provide you good quality veg breakfast & lunch at site. Wherever temple kitchen food is available, preference will be for it at site. In future , we having plans to introduce our own food for breakfast at least once things are ok.

We may at any point of time change the itinerary, reduce the nos. of sites said to visit in teasers/portal without prior notice. Also, it depends on the time spent by tourists at each stopovers & travelling time to.

Depending on the majority of the tourist preferences, we shall opt for a common language (from English, Hindi & Odia) for communication tour wise.

Our tours are kids friendly, seniors friendly & differently abled friendly too ! In case of uneven terrain, extra walking/trekking & climatic conditions, we shall inform the tourists in time. However, tourist are expected to make arrangement for their betterment like comfortable footwear, umbrella/hat, own water, emergency medicine etc.

We provide information & story telling during our tour based on our years of research. Yet, we don’t claim our points as authentic & reliable. We are no way liable for any risk/loss/trouble faced by you based on info shared by us. Historical, mythological & folkore info are always open for interpretation & research are still on.

We don’t provide those facilities which are not mentioned above.

Any suggestions regarding improving our services, themes & schemes are welcome. You can even suggest for updating the policy will be appreciated.

In all these cases, you may contact us via email to & or ping us via our whataspp # 9861288166

Its mandatory for tourists to register first in our portal & then make online payment (Phone Pe, GooglePay or any other mode allowed by us) for better communication.

Once you make payment, please whatsapp us your transaction number & name.

Every tour will have its own pricing depending on sites covered, hours consumed, number of tourists attending, vehicle used & distance covered. There shall be differential pricing for full day tour of 10-12 hrs & for half day tours of average five hours from pickup at pre-defined single starting point till end. Please refer upcoming event details for pricing.

Refund Policy
In case of a refund, a genuine reason needs to be presented by customer & in keeping with goodwill, we may initiate any refund, provided it’s above the terms & conditions* mentioned in our portal, approved by our management & is termed rarest & genuine in nature.

Note that refund might take some time from our end & while we shall try to minimize it, we can give no guarantee.

We need advance payment in order to arrange certain services/facilities & deduction shall be made proportionately, before making any refunds.

Refunds will be initiated in the event of the tour getting cancelled from our side. However, the said date can be postponed to a future date & it shall be declared at that time. The customer will be given an option to postpone his/her tour against advance payment made to a future date mutually, if the tour is cancelled from our side. The refund policy is at the discretion of the company & no repeated requests shall be entertained.

Note:- The above points are for half & full day tours only. Additional notes (if needed) shall be posted separately or below here in case of more than one day tour.

Additional Notes on above existing guidelines for Heavenly Koraput Tour from 21st Nov to 23rd Nov 2019

Sites visit depends on the tourists movement at particular sites by tourists & the travelling time by vehicle from one loc to another during the day. Certain sites may have specific opening & closing hours. Its advisable not to stay for more time at one location so that the next loc is not missed out.

Since, some of the sites may have uneven terrain, tourists are requested to carry trekking stick, umbrella/cap, wear sports shoes & comfortable clothes. The climate during November will be chilly winter, hence you may need to carry your warm clothes.

The public passenger bus shall be used by us for travelling from Bhubaneswar to Koraput & back. You are requested to travel light so that its easy for your movement since you need to carry your own luggage. *Exact departure timing of bus to be communicated soon based on which you are required to report at Baramunda Bus Stand. Please avoid boarding on the way, its better all move from a single point for better communication & coordination.

The cottage has only lodging facility & dinner will be arranged from outside. Its advisable to book your orders during the morning before leaving for tour, so that its ready by the time we reach back at cottage.

Our Koraput tour itinerary doesnot includes water bottle facilities. Hence, tourists are requested to carry their own bottles, fill it up at cottage & at sites or buy at locations while moving.

The cottage rooms are on twin sharing basis, preferably separate for ladies & gents. However, families maybe allowed taking single rooms. If anyone wants to acquire a single room alone, he/she can take it at additional cost*, provided its intimated to organizer in time & there is vacant room available. And, you can bring your own bed sheets if you are not comfortable with the ones provided by cottage.

Our travelling for Koraput tour will commence from Bhubaneswar on 21st Nov (Wed) evening & reach back at Bhubaneswar on 25th Nov (Sun) morning only. That means the three touring days will be from 22nd Nov morning to 24th Nov evening. The public bus will be 2/2 AC bus. Please have your dinner early & take seats on time at Baramunda Bus Stand.

We are negotiating with tour operators for mid-segment (limited availability) vehicle, provided we get good head counts. Or else, will use Mahindra Bolero type vehicles for site seeing in Koraput.

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