Went for the first Singhanath Tour on 30/06/19. There is so much to Odisha that we don’t know about that to within a day’s trip from Bhubaneswar. In a radius of about 20-30 Kms from the great Ansupa Lake there is so much of culture, heritage, and nature that is representative of the state which we are ignorant of. While it is important that the people not from Odisha know about it, it is more critical that people of Odisha staying within or the non resident ones to be aware of the great past, what we were capable of and draw their conclusions on what we have become now. But in a positive sense what we could be proud of and what we can still achieve by preserving the heritage, whatever is left of it.
Aitiha Team is doing a difficult but laudable job of bringing these ancient sites to the public – well organised and hope there are many more of them in the future. Thanks to Team Aitiha especially to Taranisen, Ashish (Sarangi) !


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