Raja Parba: Going Beyond The Taboo

Raja Parba: Going Beyond the Taboo

“Banaste dakila gaja, barasake thare asichi Raja Asichi Raja lo gheni nua saja baaja. Raja doli kata kata, mo bhai matha re suna mukuta Suna mukuta lo, heuthaye jhakamaka” (the traditional folk song in Odia saying about Raja’s revelry, meaning ‘the annual Raja carnival has arrived with the pomp and Read more…

Amazing sahasralingas of Odisha

The Amazing Sahasralingas of Odisha !

Sahasralinga literally means 1000 lingas. Where 1000 miniature lingas are carved on the pujabhaga (main linga pix) following certain geometric principles (set in 99 vertical lines, 11 horizontal), it’s called sahasralinga. The name Sahasralinga has been created because of the existence of the uncountable lingas within a single linga called Read more…

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